• Hunger Bang
  • The Math Tutor
  • D.O. and Francesco D'Macho
  • Dato Foland and Antonio Aguilera
  • Francesco and Nicolas
  • Jason Adonis and Damien Crosse
  • My Straight Roommate Episode 3
  • The Handyman
  • Hunger BangHunger Bang stars Damien Crosse and 4 Hung and Uncut studs in an amazing gangbang/bukkake scene. Watch as each of the boys fucks and shoots his load in Damien's mouth! Directed by Damien Crosse.
  • The Math TutorLovers of story-line porn will instantly fall in love with "The Math Tutor". Stag Homme Discovery Manuel Lopez can't manage to study...and things get worse when his ridiculously hot tutor, Stag Homme Discovery Goran, shows up to give him his private lessons. Goran keeps talking math but all Manuel can think about is getting his tutor undressed. What unfolds is a beautiful suck and fuck sequence with true chemistry and passion which is rare to find. And yes...there tons of gorgeous and sloppy ...
  • D.O. and Francesco D'MachoD.O. soaks in his bath looking over at Francesco D'Macho shaving.Once he's finished, Francesco walks over to his lover. They start tomake-out, both of them savoring the feel, the smell, the taste of eachother's flesh. Francesco then aims his uncut cock at his man's faceand D.O. sniffs the foreskin, nibbles on it teasingly, then swallows thebig pole all the way down to its base. Francesco grunts with pleasure,enjoying his partner's work. Then D.O. emerges from the tub, his cocklooming hard and...
  • Dato Foland and Antonio AguileraDato Foland and Antonio Aguilera. Directed by Damien Crosse.
  • Francesco and NicolasFrancesco D'Macho is moving into a brand new apartment and hires Nicolas Taximan as his mover. See what follows.. Directed by Damien Crosse.
  • Jason Adonis and Damien CrosseDamien Cross sits on a black leather couch, dragging off a cigarette and stroking on his thick Cuban steak! A jock strapped and arm banded Jason Adonis gets Damienís attention. In a moment, Jason is on his knees servicing the studís cock. Making up for lost make out time Damien kisses Jason and then gets right on to blowing him. Jock around his knees, Jason tweaks his nipple as Damien (a world class cocksucker) delivers a gold-medal performance, swallowing and gagging on Jasonís huge tool. ...
  • My Straight Roommate Episode 3Stag Homme presents Nicolas Taximan as Goran's straight roommate in the the third installment of the series. Goran arrives home to find Nicolas jerking off in the kitchen. He then takes out his dick and starts jerking off to his straight roommate without him noticing. What unravels is that not only does Goran get to suck Nicolas' big fat Brazilian meat but also gets a pounding he'll never forget. My Straight Roommate Episode 3 stars Goran and Nicolas Taximan.
  • The HandymanThe Handyman stars Wagner Victoria and Damien Crosse.
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