• When Stags Breed Episode 1
  • Wilfred Knight and Francesco D'Macho
  • Xavi and Damien Crosse
  • Jesse Ares And Xavi
  • Jesse Ares And Mark Sanz
  • Benjiamin And Michael Amerika
  • Pedro Andreas and Mark Sanz
  • Rokko and Michael Amerika
  • When Stags Breed Episode 1It's breeding season at Stag Homme with the premiere of it's new bareback series "When Stags Breed". The first episode stars a tied-up Damien Crosse getting fucked raw "for the first time on film" by one hot muscle anonymous bull who really loves ass. Directed by Damien Crosse.
  • Wilfred Knight and Francesco D'MachoUnder the Crescent Moon - In 2005 Chris Ward filmed one ofthe greatest scenes in the history of porn, a two way pairing betweenFrancois Sagat and Huessein. The scene was shot under astunning stone arch. Ward and Team Raging Stallion retuned to thesame location to film another scene between Francesco D'Macho andWilfried Knight--two of the industry's biggest superstars! This long awaited pairing is the culmination of years of planning.
  • Xavi and Damien CrosseXavi and Damien star in this outstanding scene directed by Francesco D'MachoCategoriesAnal, Big Dick, Oral, Muscle, Tattoos
  • Jesse Ares And XaviJesse Ares And Xavi directed by Francesco D'macho. Photography by Damien Crosse.
  • Jesse Ares And Mark SanzJesse Ares And Mark Sanz directed by Francesco D'macho.
  • Benjiamin And Michael AmerikaBenjiamin And Michael Amerika. Directed by Damien Crosse.
  • Pedro Andreas and Mark SanzPedro Andreas and Mark Sanz
  • Rokko and Michael AmerikaIn the second installment of Stag Homme's "Buenos Aires Series" two young men go to take a piss together around a tree. But Rokko notices that Michael Amerika is more into watching his big fat piece piss than taking a piss of his own. So Rocco starts rubbing his fat cock and easily entices Michael to get down on his knees and put in his mouth exactly what he's salivating over. What ensues is a hard and delicious suck and fuck outdoor sequence which will make you a instant fan of outdoor ...
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