Cum On Over
Could this pairing be any hotter? Stag Homme Superstars discoveries Dato Foland and Abraham Al Malek star in this explosive fuck flick that will blow your mind! The two are on a sex chat session after hooking up online, when Dato tells Abraham to "Cum On Over" to his house. Watch as the 2 suck each other off in Dato's kitchen and then Abraham bottoms for the very first time on video!! What follows is 2 spectacular fuck positions where you can admire the amazing physiques of the pair and Abraham spectacular hairy ass and hole. Watch this exclusive fuck flick only on

Starring Abraham Al Malek and Dato Foland.

Directed by Damien Crosse.

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Facial, Cum eating, Oral, Kissing, Rimming, Hairy, Muscle
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