Dec 2, 2013 Gostosos
Featuring: Diego Lauzen, Goran, Handsome Devils
Wanna get rid of those icy winter blues? Stag Homme has exactly what you need : passion and romance in a flip-flop sex-flick thats warmed up with a touch of ambient warm pink light. Starring two very important "gostosos" of the industry for the first time together: Brazilian sex-god Diego Lauzen for his very first time on Stag Homme alongside uber-hot Bulgarian SH Discovery Goran. The romance is unscripted, it's just that these two have quite the burning chemistry between each other. Everything about this film is versatile as well (blowjobs, fucking, rimming, facials) so you get all you can get out of this heavenly pairing in what is without a doubt the hottest experience you're gonna get from the porn world this winter.

Gostosos stars Goran and Diego Lauzen.

Directed by Francesco D'Macho.
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