Jul 30, 2010 Hustler
Featuring: Axel McDougal, Damien Crosse, Thirst
Axel is on his way home, after the gym, when a sexy street hustler catches his eye (Damien). The hustler notices but Axel keeps on walking. He knows what this kid on the street is up to and Axel wouldn’t dream of paying for sex. Only problem is that Damien is not gonna let a hot lil trick like this get away:

“Come on! I’ll give you a discount…just 20 Euros! I got a nice cock! We step inside this building here and you take a look. Then you decide!”

Axel decides quiiiick!! He chokes on it! Mounts it! Rides it! Fuck! Maybe Axel only paid a measly 20 Euros, but he ends up getting all of his money’s worth with all that piss Damien’s gives him all over his body and in his ass.

Starring Axel McDougal and Damien Crosse / Directed by Damien Crosse / Videography by Francesco D’Macho

Categories: Anal, Oral, Pissing, Muscle, Tattoos, Outdoors, Thug
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