Sep 13, 2010 Late Nite Sweat
Featuring: Tomy Hawk, Goran, Thirst
Late Nite Sweat
Stag Homme Exclusives Goran and Tomyhawk are training hard at the gym late at night. Goran is doing some pull-ups when Tomyhawk comes from behind to spot him, but his hands end up trying to get a hold of that Bulgarian ass instead. Goran’s got no complaints though. He puts Tomyhawk down on his knees and force-feeds him his fat uncut cock before he ends up returning the favor. However, Tomyhawk wants more so he claims his piece of ass, giving Goran quite the pounding in the gym and the locker room. This feature contains versatile watersports as well as Goran’s thick white splooge all over Tomyhawk’s face.

Starring Goran and Tomyhawk.
Directed by Damien Crosse.

Categories: Anal, Facial, Oral, Pissing, Public, Muscle, Tattoos
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