Jun 15, 2011 Straight Man Fuck Me Episode 4
Featuring: Francesco D'Macho, Anonymous Models
Straight Man Fuck Me Episode 4
Stag Homme is back with another scorching hot episode of “Straight Man Fucks Me”! Once again Francesco D’Macho is on the hunt for hot and horny young straight men that are willing to give him a good pounding with their fat hetero cocks for some money! This time D’Macho was able to strike a deal with an incredibly beautiful cable-guy. This is one blindfolded hunk that you’d give anything to for an assful of his fat piece! Watch it all come to a warm and gooey chaotic climax all over Francesco’s face!

Categories: Anal, Facial, Blue Collar, Straight, Straight, Oral, Muscle, Tattoos
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