Mar 21, 2014 Dato Foland and Antonio Aguilera
Featuring: Dato Foland, Antonio Aguilera, Can't Get Enough of Dato Foland, Scruff
Dato Foland and Antonio Aguilera
Outfitted for a workout, gym buddies Dato Foland and Antonio Aguilera end up working their bodies a different way. Boners tent their sweats as they ditch their t-shirts. Antonio's chest is smooth, Dato's is furry, and both guys have ripped bodies. Eye contact ratchets up the heat as Dato services Antonio’s cock and balls. They pump each other's cocks, but Dato's ass is where Antonio's lust is riveted. He jams his fingers into Antonio’s ass, then rams in his cock. Dato tosses his head and jacks his dick as the pleasure intensifies. Arm in arm, they lay on their backs and cover their washboard abs with ropes of cum.

Starring Dato Foland and Antonio Aguilera.

Directed by Damien Crosse.
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