Stag Tv - Season 2 Episode 4
To celebrate 4 years since we started Stag Homme Studios we are bringing back original episodes of our popular series Stag TV. This is how it all started, sexy, funny, raunchy show perspective of how our lives used to be while traveling around the globe and starting our first business in the adult industry. These episodes where users favorites and each one is unique and original.

In this episode, "Spanish Summer", takes you throughout Francesco and Damien´s summer after their wedding; Pedro Andreas moving to Madrid and shooting "Numero Tres", Madrid Pride, their honeymoon in Marrakech and their summer holiday in Barcelona where they shot Jean Franko in "Kama Sutra". This is Stag TV at it´s sexiest, loudest, and most entertaining yet. There´s even a part of the episode that is of the highest interest to all you piss pigs out there. "Spanish Summer" is also jam-packed with pornstars. In addition to Jean Franko and Pedro Andreas you get to see a little of Matthew Rush, Lucio Saints, Manuel Lopez and Orlando Toro.

Categories: Anal, 3-some, Big Dick, Jerk-Off, Oral, Pissing, Public, Kissing, Hairy, Muscle, Tattoos, Outdoors, Behind The Scenes
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