Jan 27, 2014 Roman Ragazzi and Damien Crosse
Featuring: Damien Crosse
Roman Ragazzi and Damien Crosse
Superstars Damien Crosse and Roman Ragazzi, Raging Stallion Man of the Year 2008, then do the impossible: de-flowering Damien for the firsttime on screen. The dining room table serves as the platform aftermuch mutual oral action, Damien obviously delighting in Roman'smonster cock. Both men are dark and hairy, Roman much larger thanneat Damien, and it is Roman that takes control as the actiondevelops, spreading Damien's ass to reveal his inner pinkness whilerimming him and prepping him for the onslaught about to come.Bending Damien over the table he then proceeds to open him up.Roman's cock is huge and he commands Damien to take it, callinghim a good boy. As the onslaught continues in multiple positions,Damien gives up the ultimate, begging his daddy to fuck him over andover between his uncontrollable groans and spreading his legs as faras possible to accommodate the monster cock. After a thoroughpounding that stretches Damien's hole to new dimensions Damienshoots his load, followed by stud-man Roman.

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Rough, Oral, Kissing, Rimming, Hairy, Muscle
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