Nov 30, 2012 My Straight Roommate
Featuring: Goran, Mike, Gods of Porn
My Straight Roommate
Stag Homme brings you Mike, a straight muscle boy who has quite the taste for exhibitionism. But with a perfect body like that who can blame him. He steps out on his Spanish balcony to take out his fat cock and start wanking while eatching the girls on the street pass by. He then goes inside to finish jerking off to titty porn. His roommate, Damien, wakes up and gets an instant boner when he sees his roommate chugging his monkey. Damien sniffs Mike´s shorts and is intoxicated by his man scent, so much that he decides to join in on the action as they jerk off together. but Damien cant take it anymore and goes in for the kill.

Categories: Facial, Straight, Jerk-Off, Public, Muscle, Tattoos, Outdoors
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