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Cum In My Face
Cum In My Face is filled with scene after scene of Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho finding hot, masculine straight and bi guys to service to the point where they cum on their faces. With 14 scenes including 18 face-covering loads of cum, this is a must-have movie for cum lovers everywhere.

Though the 18 men who D'Macho and Crosse feast on remain anonymous, you'll fall in lust with every inch of their bodies and every stroke of their cocks. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of facials or not, once you watch Cum In My Face, you'll likely find a new sexual appetite. Don't be surprised if you immediately start having the urge to get down on your knees and have complete strangers endlessly blowing their fat loads in your mouth. That thick salty warm cream that oozes, dribbles, spurts and shoots with primal masculinity is the only thing you're gonna want on your tongue for a very long time!

One of the encounters features D’Macho sucking and getting fucked by a hot, dark Brazilian with an obscenely fat cock. Unbeknownst to him, Damien is recording all the action through a neighbor's window. This guy's piece is so huge that it's a shock that Francesco can take it, but his mouth and ass take it well – every ultra-thick inch of it. D’Macho services this monster cock with gusto, knowing that his reward will be every last drop of cream all over his face.

Another facial tryst takes place in plain view of the entire neighborhood. Turned on by the exhibitionist nature of the scene, Damien works over the impressive piece of a hot muscle boy. The stud has a huge attitude to match his enormous cock. You’ve never seen Damien this hungry as he gets slapped in the face with the fat cock that eventually unleashes a storm of cum all over Crosse’s face, seeping in through his insatiable open lips.

In a spectacular point-of-view scene, watch through the eyes of a hot straight boy as Damien peers up at him with uncontrollable lust while he swallows and milks the raging hard-on until every torrent of the anonymous straight boy's rancid cum punches the back of his throat!! Damien gargles it, collects it all on his tongue and shows it to the straight boy with pride before he swallows every last drop. If that wasn’t enough to inspire multiple jerk off sessions, filthy little Damien stands up, blows a load on the guy's fat cock and goes back down on it eating his own cum mixed with the stranger's remaining spunk.

Another situation includes Francesco milking a super-endowed trucker with stunningly massive legs, while Damien films the action. The wild lust turns the camera man on so much that as those thick white globs are falling in Francesco's face, Damien joins in leaving Francesco's handsome face quite a hot mess! An additional three scenes include double facials in which Damien and Francesco find two horny straight and bisexual guys to milk at the same time.
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