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A series of sexual vignettes that are sure to leave you wanting more, Contatto takes the fantasies of Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse and brings them to life in this ultra-realistic series of encounters that can only be dreamed of. A super sexy delivery boy earns his tip by using his mouth and ass, a romantic rooftop sexual rendezvous, a super-hot, dreamy shower, a raunchy and spontaneous nightclub bathroom tryst and finally a primitive and ultra-masculine Roman soldier fight and fuck fest that is one of the most unique and fiery and powerful scenes ever filmed by Stag Homme.

Scene 1 - Damien Crosse and Adonis Al Gusto
Stag Homme introduces beefy Madrid-native Adonis in his porn debut as a pizza boy who's got a delivery to make to Damien Crosse. Only problem is that Adonis doesn't have change to break Damien's 50, so he does what any good and quick-thinking pizza boy would do, offers the rest of his “services” so he can keep the change. Adonis sucks on Damien's thick uncut cock before taking it up his ass in a climactic fuck sequence. All the unexpected sexual excitement leaves Damien's ass quite hungry, so Adonis bends Damien over and eats that luscious ass real good before he plows it with that big hefty piece of his. "Al Gusto" finishes with Adonis fucking Damien's throat until he unloads all of his thick cum in the back of his throat.

Scene 2 - Xavi and Adrian Toledo, Gran Via
Stag Homme exclusive muscle god, Adrian Toledo and Xavi pour themselves a couple of glasses of bubbly while basking in an outdoor canopy bed overlooking Madrid's main throughway, Gran Via. What occurs in this bed is utter sensual passion which burns up the screen as the lovers explore every inch of each other's bodies. After they suck each other off Adrian goes for a long ride on Xavi's beautiful mouth-watering fat cock in two sweltering fuck positions until he gets every last drop of cum fucked out of him.

Scene 3 – Goran and Adrian Toledo in Holding Sand
This dreamy sequence opens with Bulgarian Stag Homme exclusive Goran jerking off in his shower, imagining every possible pleasure he could have with that 24 year year old demi-god of a man, Adrian Toledo. Filled with sensuality and masculine beauty, this aesthetic gem has intense sexual chemistry and is sure to leave you dreaming of steamy shower sex for days. Get yourself inside Goran's head! Experience every bit of the pleasure he gets as Adrian strokes and sucks that fat cock of his. Savor every taste Goran savors as he eats the smooth and fine piece of ass that he deflowers in two wonderfully voracious positions. Feel every last drop of your load cover that heavenly torso.

Scene 4 - Damien Crosse and Valentino - Madhunter's Stalls
Madhunter established itself as one of Madrid hottest nightlife spots for the hunky and masculine all-men crowd in the Spanish Capital. Following the great sexual vibe we get every time we step a foot into this club, we decided to recreate what seems to be an ongoing situation in the bathroom stalls of this popular venue. What happens behind closed doors of Madhunter's bathroom stalls? Watch as this question gets answered in the smallest detail when Damien Crosse meets hunky newcomer, Valentino at the urinal and the action escalates in this gritty man-on-man fuck and suck festival .

Scene 5 - Francesco D'Macho and Eliad Anastos, S.P.Q.R.
This is sex art at its finest. Francesco D'Macho and Eliad Anastos are two roman soldiers home from battle, who explore their contradictory passions for each other in this visually-stunning and emotionally-arousing fuck masterpiece. They begin in a fierce fight and wrestling match, pitting stud against stud, until they have bloodied each other up to the point of surrendering to their lust for each other. The combination of rage, domination and desire manifest into powerful and sizzling cock gulping and ass pounding. If perfectly-sculpted newcomer Eliad Anastos isn't enough to win you over, and the over the top sexual energy between Francesco and Eliad isn't enough to make you cum harder than you ever came before, then the intertwining of two passions, fight and cum, are sure to make you delight in this blockbuster piece of erotic sex art.
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