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Gods of Porn
The Gods of Porn have assembled and come to you in five scorching scenes from the hottest European studio around, Stag Homme. Madrid is home to this studio, helmed by co-directors and porn dieties Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho. Watching their work, you'd think sex goes hand in hand with breakfast, lunch and dinner, with cum for dessert and as the cream in your coffee. Damien gets a literal taste of Mike in "My Straight Roommate." Hot-bodied Mike rebels when he learns Damien wants him, but he makes Damien eat his cum for punishment. "Indian Summer" shows buddies Damien Crosse and Maikel Cash sharing a perfect day — hiking, sucking and fucking in the great outdoors. Alien Donato Reyes seeks instruction in man-on-man sex from earthling Goran in "The Visit," in which a strange visitor from another planet forgoes bending steel in his bare hands in favor of getting fucked by the steel of a human cock. The scene is followed by hilarious outtakes involving costume failures. In "Alandalus 2," Damien Crosse, whose sexual thirst is never satisfied, serves master Cigano Da Cruz, who feeds him dick at both ends. Humpy Diesel O'Green gives in to sibling revelry, playing identical twins who share escort Lucio Saints, in "Between Brothers." Lucio doubles the flavor and doubles the fun with these hard and horny youths. These are the Gods of Porn and the delivery prosperous loads of cum to those who follow their undertakings.

Scene 1: My Straight Roommate with Damien Crosse & Mike

Rising early, Mike steps onto the balcony. Madrid is sleepy but his cock isn't. He frees it from his boxers, running a hand over the smooth contours of his torso. He jacks off like an exhibitionist above the passers-by below. But when a neighbor emerges on the opposite balcony, Mike retreats indoors. Tossing his shorts aside, he flops on the couch and clicks to a porn video. Damien Crosse, Mike's roommate, has just gotten up. He picks up Mike' discarded shorts and sniffs them. When he gets to the den, he can't resist the sight of his straight roommate, completely naked and masturbating. So Damien does what any voyeur would do: spy in the background and pull his cock out. Mike quickly sees Damien, who relieves the tension by saying he wants to watch porn with him. Damien cozies right up, nudging Mike with his muscular thigh, then draping an arm across Mike's hard shoulder. But when Damien reaches over to grab Mike's cock, he goes too far. Mike calls him a fag. He wrestles Damien's tan and furry body to the ground, presses his cock against Damien's hole and makes him confess that he wants it. But Damien's not gonna get it, he's only going to get Mike's load in his face, which is sufficient to trigger Damien's own load.

Scene 2: Indian Summer with Damien Crosse & Maikel Cash

Warm sunshine and a lake breeze can be an aphrodisiac all on their own. While hiking with Damien Crosse, Maikel Cash can't resist the lure of a flat rock baking in the sun to spread out a blanket and pull out his cock. Squeezing his balls with one hand below his waistband and sliding his foreskin back and forth without actually undressing allows Maikel to bask in the sunshine. His discretion doesn’t attract the attention of others nearby, but it gets Damien all riled up. Damien wants to suck that cock, so they find a rock big enough to afford them privacy. On his knees, Damien sucks ferociously, salivating like a dog over a bone. Venturing out into the open, Maikel returns the blow job. His cheeks are hollow with suction as his neck and shoulder muscles ripple and clench. The breeze stirs the waters of the lake into ripples as they commence fucking doggy-style. Maikel's down-curving cock is a perfect fit to Damien's hairy ass and he plunders and pounds, crushing Damien into the rock. At the moment of orgasm, Maikel rises and shoots his jism onto Damien's outstretched tongue while Damien's uncut cock bastes the rock with spooge.

Scene 3: The Visit with Goran & Donato Reyes

Goran is asleep, bathed in a deep blue glow. Lights flash and a creature (Donato Reyes) appears. It's human in form, but not from around here. The creature waves its hand, transporting them to an alien craft. Despite the spacesuit, this alien is built to fuck and Goran's cock will be the teacher. First he exposes as much skin as possible, including a hairy chest with well-developed pecs and a cock shaped like the horn of a bull — fat at the base, curved and tapering outward. Goran demonstrates how to suck and how to eat ass, delivering exactly the sensuous thrills this alien hoped for. When Goran inserts a finger and tongue in the alien's ass, lights flash blue to white. The alien takes Goran into his bath, filled with sapphire-blue water, where he practices the lessons just learned, and gets another in how to kiss. The alien's erotic education is complete when Goran spears him from behind. Hot flesh moves in tandem as the visitor learns that being penetrated by a hard human cock will send his own cock arcing toward the stars. They fuck to exhaustion, then touch tongues and jack out white streams of cum into the blue water. White light and a foam of bubbles rise to conceal them.

Scene 4: Alandalus 2 with Damien Crosse & Cigano Da Cruz

Cigano Da Cruz resides in an Andalusian palace, where he can command any man to satisfy his sexual cravings. He chooses Damien Crosse, whose relish for cock, for cum and for getting fucked are known throughout the land. Dripping with gold and sweat, Cigano face-fucks his kneeling servant until Damien is foaming at the mouth. Cigano has a taste for cock himself, so they trade roles. Damien's naked muscular physique and huge cock now challenge the master's determination to swallow. Meeting the massive challenge of taking Damien’s cock, Cigano throws aside his clothing, now offering his cock to ride. Damien impales himself in a single leap. His meaty haunches provide perfect pillows for Cigano's loins as he slams his cock in, and in again, with the mirror echoing their passion. Collapsing on luxurious pillows, they clasp each other's bodies and coax hard-earned, wet loads out of their swollen cocks.

Scene 5: Between Brothers with Diesel O'Green & Lucio Saints

Diesel O'Green plays identical twins who hire a hustler to fuck them. The lucky escort is Lucio Saints. Diesel #1 watches, kibitzes and jacks off as Lucio eats the ass of his bro. The twins have pale bodies, plump pecs and cocks hard as rock. Lucio's meal is cut short when Diesel #2 wants to be fucked. Now! Lucio's dark skin and tan line contrast starkly with the pale brothers, but he controls his need to cum because he has two to satisfy. Diesel #2 must share this hot fucker, so he gives Lucio a breather by having Lucio blow him. It's time for the brother to get what his twin just had. He sucks Lucio's massive cock, dripping with saliva and pre-cum, then lies back for Lucio to fuck him. The twin gets the pleasure of lying next to them, jacking himself while his brother gets fucked. The pleasure of penetration is exquisite as a long, dark cock stretches a hungry white hole. The other brother needs his hole filled again, so he clasps a dildo between his heels and fucks himself. Diesel is so hot from fucking one brother and watching the other fuck himself that he shoots serial long-distance streams of jizz across the heaving torso of brother #1 while the twins bring themselves to an incestuous climax
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