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Stag Perverts
Stag Perverts is the movie for no-nonsense sex served up with Spanish gusto and a spooge chaser. Produced by Stag Homme, the Madrid-based studio founded by Damien Crosse & Francesco D'Macho, this release shows how these two superstars can work a camera as well as they can work a man. Damien is the kind of guy who is just as likely to introduce himself by sticking out his cock as his hand. Stick a dick in him — either end — and he will never choke, gag, or give any sign of being challenged. You’ll find the proof here, in Stag Perverts, which Crosse co-directs with D’Macho. The splendidly ripped, muscled and hairless torso of Antonio Aguilera lures Damien into the shower, where he'll do whatever Antonio wants in order to be on the receiving end of that macho cock. Later, Damien tangles with Goran in a romp that's equal part passion and lust. Antonio returns as Francesco's straight roommate. They jack off together and Francesco persuades Antonio to sample what a man's body can offer. Out for a drive, Francesco and Alejandro Mango decide to do it in the road, where the risk of getting caught makes the sex hotter. Capping a trio of appearances, Francesco dons a blindfold and lets himself be taken orally and anally by an anonymous, mystery man. Francesco's trick prefers just to be hard and not seen. Stag Homme always serves up some of the tastiest raunch, and with Stag Perverts they serve it up load after thick load with a hefty helping of perv on the side.

Scene 1: Damien Crosse & Antonio Aguilera

CASTNG ANTONIO AGUILERA - Looking like he just stepped down from Mount Olympus, Antonio Aguilera admires himself in the bathroom mirror. Except for his forearms, there's not a hair on his body. It's a toss-up which is harder, his nipples or his cock. Antonio steps into the shower to let the water trickle down over his perfect form. Soapsuds, foreskin and a strong hand gripped hard make a formidable trio in delivering self-pleasure. Stunning Damien Crosse invites himself in. Damien is driven to touch what he sees, though his own cock is just as rock-solid. Antonio is happy to make Damien his bitch. As Damien sinks to his knees, Antonio grabs the back of his head and roughly fucks his throat. Damien is equal to the fiercest pounding, never choking or gasping as his tonsils get demolished. They move to a sofa where Antonio, having worked up to full tilt, now delivers shock and awe to Damien's ass. He spreads Damien's, ramming him so hard that the sofa frame wobbles. Damien's cock delivers a huge splat of jism that puddles in the ridges of his sixpack and Antonio covers Damien's face with spooge.

Scene 2: Francesco D'Macho & Alejandro Mango

SCORCHED - Francesco D'Macho and Alejandro Mango pull their car over and get out. The flat terrain stretches in all directions, but Alejandro's cock stretches only in one direction: toward Francesco's mouth. Alejandro's thin brown body is half the mass of Francesco's. Wary at first of being spotted, they leave most of their clothes on, but they grow gradually bolder. Alejandro's nipples are miniature projectiles that he twists and pulls while face-fucking Francesco. Now Francesco strips to a jock strap. Antonio briefly sucks him, then alternately fucks and rims him over the bumper of their car. They abruptly relocate to a massive culvert that affords both shade and privacy. Alejandro has a rich cinnamon complexion and picture-perfect abs, which get a rousing workout when he resumes fucking Francesco in staccato lunges that make his balls fly back and forth. He stops in time to grab Francesco's shaved head, steadying it to receive his load while Francesco spills his seed on the desert floor.

Scene 3: Goran & Damien Crosse

DELICIA - Getting home late, Goran is careful not to wake the sleeping Damien Crosse as he undresses. He gazes longingly at Damien's body, gently kissing him and brushing his fingers across Damien's nipples. Seeing that Damien has a hard on, Goran is compelled to suck it in long, deep gulps. He wakens Damien with a kiss. Damien opens his eyes fully ready to engage. The men's bodies are tanned and toned, rippling with muscle. The sex is romantic and full of intense physicality. They trade off. First one sucks, then the other. Goran rims one of Damien's armpits and eats his ass. Damien is reduced to a primal need for cock. Cock anywhere, as long as it's hard, and it's deep inside him. They fuck with full body slams. Goran varies his timing and angle of entry, as they vary positions. Damien opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue, a signal for Goran to cum in his mouth. Goran gives Damien a milk mustache inspiring Damien’s cock to erupt with an explosive load.

Scene 4: Antonio Aguilera & Francesco D'Macho

MY STRAIGHT ROOMMATE 2 - Straight muscle-god Antonio Aguilera steps out onto his balcony and starts stroking his monster-thick cock as he watches the people on the street pass by. This horny exhibitionist is still not satisfied and goes back into his house to jerk off to some porn. Antonio´s roommate, Francesco D´Macho, wakes up from his slumber and catches horny Aguilera with his pants down. What follows is an even hornier Francesco who convinces this straight stud to let himself me blindfolded. Francesco then shows Aguilera all his tricks on giving a mighty-fine blow job and how to ride the thickest of cocks. This erotic adventure leads to exciting straight-trade fucking, sucking, and a trademark Stag Homme facial to top it all off as these roommates satisfy one anther fully.

Scene 5: Francesco D'Macho & Anonymous

STRAIGHT MAN FUCKS ME, EPISODE 6 - Francesco D'Macho is preparing for a visitor. He is kneeling on the bed, naked and blindfolded. His inked and muscular torso is hunched over to emphasize his ass, and he is stroking his cock just enough to keep it hard. The door opens and an Anonymous visitor enters. Francesco knows the drill; he turns to face the visitor, opening his mouth for the cock that will be offered. All we see of the visitor is a track suit, and the hard on that protrudes from the waistband. Francesco sucks until there's no more cock to swallow. The visitor grabs a condom from the side table, sheathes up and sinks his pole into the buns that greeted his arrival. They fuck doggy style, and just before the visitor cums, he wants to feel Francesco's lips on his shaft one more time. Francesco takes a full ejaculation hit to the face then grabs the cock that just fucked him and coats it with his own load.
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