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Handsome Devils
These Handsome Devils are no angels, but the action wouldn’t be nearly as hot if they were. When Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho teamed up to create Stag Homme, they introduced a breed of sex pigs, hand-picked for the new millennium, and they threw their piggy selves in for good measure. For them, and for the Handsome Devils they find, sex is a native language. They will suck any cock, rim any ass, welcome any penetration and fuck any hole. You get all that, and loads of foreskin, which reigns supreme, from the first kiss to the last cum shot of Handsome Devils. Goran and Diego Lauzen challenge the plumbing — their own, as well as that in the bath — in a flip-fuck that only rock-hard buns could withstand. Francesco indulges his cock need by enticing Handsome Devil Maikel Cash to fuck him at both ends. Dato Foland and Wagner Vittoria do it with mirrors: a lip chewing, cock sucking, face fucking, flip-flop fuck that shifts into overdrive when each stud cums in his buddy's mouth. Francesco and Damien bring their own brand of devil when they take on two anonymous models for a "cock" tail of facials that quenches their thirst for spooge. There’s no slow, tender, romantic couplings with soft kisses and murmured endearments here. Just full-bore, no-‘holes’-barred man sex between Handsome Devils.

Scene 1: Goran and Diego Lauzen
GOSTOSOS - Two hard-bodied hunks wearing tight briefs, Goran and Diego Lauzen, are clasped in each other's arms at the bathroom sink. A lot of muscle and a lot of ink are on display, but these studs don't waste a second. One of them kneels, sliding the briefs down his partner's bulging thighs as he descends. It's Goran, and he quickly grasps the cock of Diego Lauzen and aims it into his mouth. Diego moans and pumps his hips. Goran strips and climbs in the bathtub, splashing water on Diego and pulling him in. The sucking is enthusiastic and mutual. Goran turns his back and puts a leg up on the tub and Diego grabs his buns and plunges his tongue into the moist center. Wanting more than Diego's tongue in his ass, Goran reaches around, grabs Diego's cock and guides it into his hole. They exit the bath and hit the sheets for a brief make out before they’re back at it. This time it's Goran who can't stay away from his partner's ass. He provides extra-deep tongue-fucking of Diego then nails him to the mattress. Reaching critical mass, they explode in each other's faces.

Scene 2: Francesco D'Macho and Maikel Cash
TEAR IT UP! - The long, mushroom-headed cock of Maikel Cash is the object of Francesco D'Macho's intentions. Their pants come off immediately. They could care less about the shirts, because Francesco can needs a mouthful of fresh uncut stud sausage ASAP. Tall, dark and handsome, Maikel eagerly gives Francesco dominion over his cock and balls. Although Maikel sucks Francesco briefly, most of the time Maikel's cock is in Francesco's mouth or ass. In fact, it goes back and forth, several times. Adding to the gonzo quality of the tryst, Francesco puts his torn jeans back on and Maikel fucks him through the ripped seam, with magnified close-ups that make you feel you’re right up in there. After the final ass-to-mouth insertion, Francesco eats every drop of Maikel’s load, then grabs Maikel's cock and cums on it.

Scene 3: Dato Foland and Wagner Vittoria
CUM ON OVER 2 - Dato Foland and Wagner Vittoria are furiously making out. Their hands cross over and each man grabs the hardon poking out of his buddy's colorful plaid boxers. Their unwaxed chests are lightly furry and their nipple are pointed in anticipation. Dato kneels to suck his buddy's cock, encouraged by a gentle hand at the back of his neck, while yanking his own fat, uncut meat. Then he gets a similar treatment when Wagner swallows his entire boner in all its stiffness. The grunting and slurping make a stereophonic sexual chorus. Everything is so intense and in tune that you expect — and get — a flip-fuck. First it's Dato on his back, getting vigorously sawed while he clenches his washboard abs. Wagner takes it doggie style, and Dato makes sure that there's a lot of flesh slapping. A wall mirror affords bonus views of Dato from the front and back simultaneously. Each guy then cums in his buddy's mouth, delivering a spooge ‘cock’ tail.

Scene 4: Francesco D'Macho, Damien Crosse, Anonymous, and Anonymous
30 LOADS EPS 4, SERIES 3 - Sex pigs Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho made the "facial" a staple of the scenes shown on the Stag Homme website. Typically, you'd see one of them on his knees with a cock in his mouth; you wouldn't see the face of the straight guy getting the blow job. So here's Damien in that familiar position. The floor is covered with plastic film, as if a lot of facials are pending and this will make clean-up easier! A slim guy in a white t-shirt is banging Damien's throat and Damien is drooling and gasping. Damien pounds his pud as he gets his face pummeled. The stud having his cock worked over gets steamed up enough to peel off his t-shirt, revealing a smooth chest and abs with well-defined pecs. When Damien's mouth has worked its magic, we hear a big groan and see jism bubbling out of Damien's lips as Damien's own load erupts onto the floor. Elsewhere, Francesco D'Macho tends another anonymous model. Francesco is bald and unwaxed; the guy he's sucking is fully clothed. Francesco’s throat is taking a beating, but it must feel good, because a few strokes is all that’s needed for Francesco to get on his knees in time to catch the load in his face.
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