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Stag Homme Collection Vol. 2
Featuring award-winning scenes from these SEVEN movies: Dirty Boys, Toy, Madrid Bulls, Stag Affairs, Stag Perverts, Gods of Porn and Mediterranean Stag.

Scene 1: Adrian Toledo and Tomy Hawk
Alandalus Taking place in ancient Moorish Andalusia, Spain, Tomy Hawk and Adrian Toledo star as two Arab men with quite an insatiable sexual appetite in this versatile fuck flick which features plenty of hot rimming, sucking, fucking, facials, oral cum shots, and even some naughty fun with the shisha.

Scene 2: Logan McCree and Damien Crosse
The Good Husband: "The Good Husband" opens with German Logan McCree in bed with his wife (Barbie Star). As the lovers wake Barbie starts caressing her husband's legs and begins to stroke his cock. But Logan pulls her hand away like he always does and tells her that she'll be late for work. The unsatisfied wife goes to work, knowing there are problems in their marriage, but never suspecting that there's a male trick on his way. As soon as Damien Crosse steps inside Logan and him start to violently kiss each other while stripping their clothes. You rarely see such unbridled passion on film like you see in "The Good Husband" when the boys start going down on each other, ravenously sucking and suffocating each other with their meaty cocks. What follows is Logan McCree at his best as he tears up Damien's ass in a sweltering two-position fuck sequence which will doubtlessly make you shoot your load before McCree shoots his all over Damien's face!

Scene 3: Goran and Johnny Hazzard
"The Whistleblower" Johnny Hazzard and Stag Homme Exclusive Goran star in this explosive fuck flick. Johnny Hazzard and Stag Homme Exclusive Goran have just successfully robbed a bank. The two stunning, tattooed gangster lovers are celebrating their newly-acquired wealth with a spectacular fuck in their hotel room. The boys burn up the screen with sexual energy in a pool as well as their hotel room. Johnny and Goran 69 each other in a beautiful suck and rim sequence which is followed by multiple amazing fuck positions - Goran pounding Johnny from behind on their patio, while passionately making out under a waterfall in their private pool and finally three different positions in their bed with a mirror above. They finish by shooting huge loads all over Goran's beefy chest.

Scene 4: Adrian Toledo and Maikel Cash
Stag Homme discovery, Adrian Toledo, experiences a "Sexual Disturbance" while jacking off on his rooftop terrace. The doorbell demands to be answered, and standing there is one hot cop: Maikel Cash. He's investigating a complaint that Adrian was masturbating in public, on the roof. When the cop demands to see exactly what he was doing, Adrian must comply. His plump pecs separated by a triangle of fur pose a horny problem for Maikel, who pops a boner in his uniform. So he pulls out his long fat cock for Adrian to play with. Adrian soon has a cock in his mouth to keep the one in his hand company. As Maikel's meat swells beyond its foreskin, he drops his pants, letting his balls hang out. It's time to pay attention to Adrian's tan-lined bubble butt. Maikel's tongue paves the way, as he squeezes the globes of Adrian's ass. Then he grabs his policeman's baton and prods that tight hole until it yields to penetration. Maikel sucks Adrian briefly, claps his hat onto Adrian's head and fucks him in two positions. The cop sends a message to the ornery neighbor by cumming in Adrian's mouth on the highest part of the roof, for all the city to see, then letting Adrian shoot all over the cop's belly.

Scene 5: Francesco D'Macho and Antonio Aguilera
MY STRAIGHT ROOMMATE 2 : Straight muscle-god Antonio Aguilera steps out onto his balcony and starts stroking his monster-thick cock as he watches the people on the street pass by. This horny exhibitionist is still not satisfied and goes back into his house to jerk off to some porn. Antonios roommate, Francesco DMacho, wakes up from his slumber and catches horny Aguilera with his pants down. What follows is an even hornier Francesco who convinces this straight stud to let himself me blindfolded. Francesco then shows Aguilera all his tricks on giving a mighty-fine blow job and how to ride the thickest of cocks. Join Stag Homme in its latest adventure, "My Straight Roommate 2", for plenty of straight-trade fucking, sucking, and a trademark Stag Homme facial.

Scene 6: Damien Crosse and Maikel Cash
"Indian Summer" Warm sunshine and a lake breeze can be an aphrodisiac all on their own. While hiking with Damien Crosse, Maikel Cash can't resist the lure of a flat rock baking in the sun to spread out a blanket and pull out his cock. Squeezing his balls with one hand below his waistband and sliding his foreskin back and forth without actually undressing allows Maikel to bask in the sunshine. His discretion doesn't attract the attention of others nearby, but it gets Damien all riled up. Damien wants to suck that cock, so they find a rock big enough to afford them privacy. On his knees, Damien sucks ferociously, salivating like a dog over a bone. Venturing out into the open, Maikel returns the blow job. His cheeks are hollow with suction as his neck and shoulder muscles ripple and clench. The breeze stirs the waters of the lake into ripples as they commence fucking doggy-style. Maikel's down-curving cock is a perfect fit to Damien's hairy ass and he plunders and pounds, crushing Damien into the rock. At the moment of orgasm, Maikel rises and shoots his jism onto Damien's outstretched tongue while Damien's uncut cock bastes the rock with spooge.

Scene 7: Adrian Toledo and David Dirdam
This is how a bath should be: limbs and tongues intertwined in swirling waters. Stag Homme regulars Adrian Toledo and David Dirdam demonstrate that cleanliness is next to horniness. Groping hands and mutual tongue-sucking ensure hard ons, but check out Adrian humping David's thigh through the water. These two smooth studs are hard muscle from tip to toe, and their flesh barely yields little to roving hands and nibbling lips. David's oral assault on Adrian's mouth and all over his body leaves Adrian lightheaded, so David brings out a hand-held water massager to restore him. Adrian is high on endorphins and at David's mercy. They want it all at the same time -- kiss, suck, jerk off, fuck -- but they have to settle for what the body can do. The bath ends with David's cock ramming Adrian's moist, hot core until the tendons in Adrian's thighs are as taut as the cords in David's neck. The endurance is amazing. They move to a couch, and then they flip so that Adrian is fucking David, whose cum puddles in the ridges of his washboard abs while Adrian paints David's balls white with jizz.
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