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Can't Get Enough of Dato Foland
1)DATO'S LAW - DAMIEN CROSSE & DATO FOLAND, 2) CUM ON OVER - DATO FOLAND & ABRAHAM AL MALEK, 3) CUM ON OVER 2 - DATO FOLAND AND WAGNER VITTORIA, 4) DATO FOLAND & ANTONIO AGUILERA - DATO FOLAND & ANTONIO AGUILERA Directed by Francesco D´Macho and Damien Crosse Videography by Francesco D´Macho and Damien Crosse Edited by Francesco D´Macho and Damien Crosse Photography by Francesco D´Macho and Damien Crosse

Scene 1: Damien Crosse and Dato Foland

DATO'S LAW - The entwined bodies of Damien Crosse and Dato Foland burst through a closed door. Grappling like wrestlers, they struggle to embrace and strip at the same time, ultimately collapsing on a chair. Finally throwing off their clothing, Damien grabs Dato's cock and Dato grabs a camera to film himself getting sucked. Damien slurps noisily on Dato's fat uncut cock, looking directly into the camera and squeezing Dato's balls. Dato's skin is the color of cinnamon, and he has a slightly furry chest and well-defined abs. He sets the camera aside to take a more active role in guiding Damien's head and fucking his face. When Damien's throat needs relief, he turns Dato 180 degrees and eats his ass. For a guy who's been making porn for almost a decade, Damien keeps his body in awesome condition. His abs get a workout when he's on his back getting fucked. After three positions, both studs are ready to cum. Dato aims his cock at Damien's face and blows all over; Damien has spooge dripping from his lips, coming out of his nose and coating his eyebrows, not to mention what's in his mouth.

Scene 2: Dato Foland and Abraham Al Malek

CUM ON OVER -Dato Foland and Abraham Al Malek have discovered each other online and are eager to show off their hard muscles and needy cocks. Dato's upper chest is covered with fine, dark hair and his traps bulge. Abraham is bulkier and hairier, with an ample foreskin. Reality wins out over cyber-fantasy when they hook up in the flesh. Dato's washboard abs stand out in sharp relief as Abraham busies himself sucking his cock, which gets fatter as it gets harder. Abraham is not content merely to get his cock sucked in return; his hips jerk reflexively so that Dato must grip his big balls for stability. It's a tossup whose cock will be planted in whose ass, but Abraham is the guy who ends up on his back getting his hole pummeled. They move to the couch. Dato sits. Abraham faces him and lowers his hole onto Dato’s meat. Abraham’s balls and cock slap against Dato's flat abs as he rides hard. Their groans mingle, as do their loads. Dato cums in Abraham's mouth then lays his head on Abraham's belly while Abraham cums in his face.

Scene 3: Dato Foland and Wagner Vittoria

CUM ON OVER 2 - Dato Foland and Wagner Vittoria are furiously making out. Their hands cross over and each man grabs the hardon poking out of his buddy's colorful plaid boxers. Their unwaxed chests are lightly furry and their nipple are pointed in anticipation. Dato kneels to suck his buddy's cock, encouraged by a gentle hand at the back of his neck, while yanking his own fat, uncut meat. Then he gets a similar treatment when Wagner swallows his entire boner in all its stiffness. The grunting and slurping make a stereophonic sexual chorus. Everything is so intense and in tune that you expect — and get — a flip-fuck. First it's Dato on his back, getting vigorously sawed while he clenches his washboard abs. Wagner takes it doggie style, and Dato makes sure that there's a lot of flesh slapping. A wall mirror affords bonus views of Dato from the front and back simultaneously. Each guy then cums in his buddy's mouth, delivering a spooge ‘cock’ tail.

Scene 4: Antonio Aguilera and Dato Foland

Directed by: Damien Crosse and Francesco DMacho

Outfitted for a workout, gym buddies Dato Foland and Antonio Aguilera end up working their bodies a different way. Boners tent their sweats as they ditch their t-shirts. Antonio's chest is smooth, Dato's is furry, and both guys have ripped bodies. Eye contact ratchets up the heat as Dato services Antonio’s cock and balls. They pump each other's cocks, but Dato's ass is where Antonio's lust is riveted. He jams his fingers into Antonio’s ass, then rams in his cock. Dato tosses his head and jacks his dick as the pleasure intensifies. Arm in arm, they lay on their backs and cover their washboard abs with ropes of cum.
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Dato Foland and Damien Crosse.
Directed by Francesco D'Macho.more
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Rating: 4.28
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