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Stag You Stag Me
No stag goes unsatisfied in ĎStag You Stag Me,í a no-holds-barred bonanza of unrestrained lust. With foreskin, fur, and fearless sexual lust, the European cast of Damien Crosse, Francesco DíMacho, Juan Lopez, Gabriel Vanderloo, and a super-hung stranger treat each other to sucking, rimming, fucking, and cum guzzling. Goran and Juan Lopez have a hot outdoor session lubed with sweat and spit. Damien Crosse and Gabriel Vanderloo fuck their way from the bathroom to the bedroom, and Damien blows two loads. Francesco DíMacho services an anonymous guyís cock before getting his ass pounded in a multiple cum shot marathon. Responding to a thinly veiled request, Goran has no problem with helping his friend Gabriel Vanderloo get off. Willing bottoms and horny tops satisfy every craving in ĎStag You Stag Me.í

Scene 1: Goran and Juan Lopez
The Hitchhiker - With his thumb in the air, Juan Lopez is trying to score a ride to Madrid. As he walks down the road, he finds Goran, another hitchhiker. As they take a shortcut through the countryside to find a busier road, their mutual lust becomes overpowering. They kiss, and Goran kneels to suck Juanís cock. They sweat in the summer heat as spit drips from Juanís uncut dick. Rising from the ground, Goran drops his jeans for Juan to deliver a forceful standing fuck. Then Juan sits on the ground and lets Goran do the work of riding his cock. Reaching the point of no return, Goran blows his load on Juanís face and chest, triggering Juan to shoot his own load.

Scene 2: Damien Crosse and Gabriel Vanderloo
Morning Glory - Damien Crosse goes to take a piss in the bathroom while Gabriel Vanderloo is showering. Gabriel looks over and starts jerking himself off. After he pisses, Damien makes eye contact with Gabriel and starts stroking. Gabriel comes out of the shower and collides with Damien in a burst of face fucking, rimming, and flip fucking. Damien busts his load while getting fucked by Gabriel; Gabriel then scoops up the load and shoves it in Damienís hole as lubrication to keep on fucking. Gabriel busts his load in Damienís throat, which turns Damien on so much that he cums a second time.

Scene 3: Francesco D'Macho and Anonymous
Straight Man Fucks Me - Kneeling on the ground, Francesco DíMacho massages an anonymous guyís bulging briefs. As he strokes himself off, Francesco pulls down those briefs, and immediately wraps his lips around the faceless manís hard cock. The blowjob escalates to full-on face fucking. Francesco then throws his legs in the air, and the unknown stud teases Francescoís hole before going in full-bore. They switch to doggy style, the stud blows his load in the condom, and Francesco tongues the cum-filled reservoir tip. Removing the condom, the anonymous man shoots a second load into Francescoís mouth. Francesco cums onto the guyís cock, then sucks up the thick, white ropes.

Scene 4: Goran and Gabriel Vanderloo
The Favor - Gabriel Vanderloo asks for help trimming his hairy ass from his friend Goran. Goran is surprised by the request, but has no problem helping his buddy out. However, when Goran feasts his eyes on Gabriel's growing boner, he figures out that Gabriel has something more in mind...and Goran has no qualms about that either. Gabriel leans his muscled body against the bathroom counter as Goran sucks him off. The blowjob is fast and intense. Leaning forward, Goran exposes his hole for Gabriel to rim, then takes Gabrielís cock to the base. Gabriel blasts cum on Goranís chest, and Goranís load splatters across his thighs.
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