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Abraham Al Malek


Abraham Al Malek is a fitness enthusiast who models men’s bikini briefs and runs a successful swimwear shop. An exotic work of Mother Nature, Abraham is half Spanish and half Lebanese.

On the surface, if you were to look at Abe’s wikipedia page, the ruggedly handsome fellow seems like the typical businessman/gentleman. However, what wiki won’t tell you is that when the sun sets and night falls, Abraham’s ventures turn delightfully sinister.

Abraham is the authority figure of a ruthless, carnal street gang called the Andalusian Anarchists. They are a seedy, unscrupulous bunch with zero sexual ethics who capture very good-looking, unsuspecting guys that they will primally torture and have merciless fun with. In addition, Abe really gets into public nudity and voyeuristic debauchery.

When there’s free time left in his sadistic schedule, Abraham loves to throw huge parties on the rooftop of his Lebanese penthouse where sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll are just the icebreakers of unforgettable wild nights!
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